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History of Vali South west Divisional Secretariat (Sandilipay)

Valikamam Division is an important division in Jaffna District. It covers a huge land area. It contains 7 Divisional secretariats under administration wise. In which Vali southWest (Sandilipay) is found one of them. It locates at Sandilipay center at Jaffna – Keerimali Road.
Earlier it was combined with Vali West (Chankanai) Divisional Secretariat. However in 1972 it was separated from Vali West (Chankanai) Divisional Secretariat and Established as Sandilipay Assistant Government Agent Office for providing in better service to the people. In 1992 it was grated as a Divisional Secretariat.
As the boundaries of this Secretariat Mathagal Sea is at the North border, Vali South Divisional Secretariat area is at the East border. Kakaitivu and Anaicoddai Sea are at the South border and Vali West (Chankanai) Divisional Secretariat area is at the west border.
It covers 50.2 Sq.km areas and it contains 28 Grama Niladhari Division from J/129 – J/156. There are 69 Villages, a Pradesha Saba and three sub offices of the Pradesha Saba in this Vali south West Divisional Secretariat Division.
There are production factors such as land labour capital and efforts and land water sea and Human resource in  Vali south West Division. However these resources were affected by the last decades war. Now, after the normal situation in the division, these are developed step by step. Tobacco, beetle leaf, onion, grapes are exported from this division. Total population of this division is 57,221. Agriculture and fisheries sectors are found as important sectors of this division. Gingili oil making and palmyrah production are as famous small industrial works.
There are 45 office staff, 23 Grama Officers, 24 field Officers, 5 Samurdhi Managers, 27  Samurdhi Development Offers and  14 Officers employees service officers work in Sandilipay divisional Secretariat. All of these officers attached with Development, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction works. These officers performance is evaluated every year.
Division day meeting for Grama Officers and field officers are conducted every Wednesdays. Divisional Co-ordinating committee meeting,  Agriculture Co-ordinating committee meeting, Child Protection committee meeting, Psycho social  forum meeting, Disaster management meeting, Staff Meeting and Meeting with Non Government organization are conducted every month. The above meetings are conducted for better administration and providing better service to the people. Annually Divisional Statistical Hand Book & Resource Profile book are published. From these books anyone can get the Divisional data.
Further Training courses such as Carpentry,  Wiring , Food Processing, Palmyrah related production, plumbing, sewing, Computer training are conducted for  Youths.
This  Divisional Secretariat relates with the units such as Education, Health, Sports, Culture and Religion, International Children day, International Elders day, Divisional Cultural Festivel, Sportsmeets among  registered clubs in this division  and Women’s day are Celebrated annually. Hence Thaipongal Festival, Navarathi festival and Oli Vila and Year end party, Farewell party are Celebrated yearly to build up team work among office staff. Now Mr.Subramaniyam Muralitharan is the divisional secretary of this division. Earlier Mrs.Elilarasi Anton Yoganayagam was the Divisional Secretary of  this division.
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