A special meeting related to Covid 19 was held on 04.11.2020 at the Sandilippay Divisional Secretariat  Conference Hall. The meeting was chaired by our Divisional Secretary Mrs.Yashoda Udayakumar. Assistant Divisional Secretay Mrs.Chelvacumary Nesratnam, Assistant Director of planning Mr.Nadaraja Sarveswaran, Administrative Officer Mr.K.P.Dhanapala, Chairman,Vali South West PS,MOH,Sandilipay,  TO, Department of Irrigation, Divisional Director of Education Sandilipay, OIC Manipay, Manipay & Ilavalai Police Officers,  General Manager of Commodity Multipurpose Co-operative Societies (Manipay And Pandatharippu) and  Grama Niladharies were present.


20201104 091942   20201104 092457


20201104 093208   20201104 093927

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