Our Divisional Secretariat (Vali South West - Sandilipay) has conducted events through Divisional Secretariats from 23.08.2019 to 30.08.2019 under the “Let’s stand together for the Country” program implemented island wide based on the President's thinking; Approximately 346 events were held on the following topics
Awareness program on drug eradication
• Awareness program on dengue eradication
• Child protection awareness program
• Awareness Program on Unidentified Kidney Diseases
• Awareness Program against Child Abuse
• Tree planting
Medical camp for the elders
• Supply of Transitional Equipment
• Providing school equipments for students
• Exhibition for local produce
• Awareness Program on Right to Information
• Mobile Service for National Identity Card Registration
• Registration of Birth Certificate
Marriage Registration
• Supply of coconut and mango trees
• Water Tank supply
• 'Tell the President' event
• Supply of agricultural equipment
• Providing bank loans to farmers
• Issue cheque for cattle sheds
• Technology Awareness Program
• Awareness Program for Pregnant Mothers
• Siramadhanam
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